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Billy Wing Minicocker from Pacific Paintball

Billy Wing Minicocker from Pacific Paintball

A year ago I was talking to a paintballer in Northern California who told me he had a Pacific Paintball (Pre KAPP) P block autococker with checkering on the frame.  

I tried to get pictures and talk him into selling it but he stopped responding.

Pacific Paintball Minicocker

 A few weeks back the same seller posted a Minicocker on ebay which I assumed was the cocker he had told me about.  P-blocked, cut trigger guard, mini cocker.  Didn’t look too special but couldn’t tell if there was checkering.  I emailed and asked and was told, only the only milling on the back was the P block milling.

If the frame had the checkering on the grip frame it would likely be on the Autococker frames that Anthony (Tony) Meno checkered while working at Pacific from 1991 until January 2nd 1995.  

Pacific Paintball Minicocker with Checkering on rear of frame

So I bought the cocker and sure enough there was checkering on the rear of the frame.

Tony plays paintball with us occasionally in Northern California and is always telling me about paintguns he worked on as the store manager for Chris Haggin at Pacific Paintball but it’s been hard to find examples of his work.  

I sent Tony pictures and he says “It may be” one of his frames but it’s hard to tell.  He asked me to see if there was checkering under he front of the hogue grips.  I took the grips on and there is a huge cut out slot in the front and likely it wasn’t checkered.  I’ll post picture of the front slot tomorrow.

Checking close up

Anyone else remember Airsmiths that offered Checkering?  Some of Earon Carter’s pumps featured checkering and I’ve seen a few Loo Ducks with it but I haven’t seen it much on cockers. 

This cocker is probably from 1995 or 1996, after Tony’s time at Pacific.  Tony says the P blocking was likely WGP since at the time Chris couldn’t do one.

P block on back of body

Edit, after emailing back and forth with Billy Wing, of Pacific Paintball/Kapp and then Dye, he wrote me this:
“I feel comfortable saying i did that checkering [on this Minicocker]. Not sure if i cut the trigger guard off though. I also feel comfortable saying I cut the P block on the body, and probably the groove down the side of the body.”

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