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Team Tiger Stripe Shirt from Tim Schloss

Tim Schloss Team Tiger Shirt

Here is a Team Tiger Stripe I received from Tim Schloss, of Tiger Stripe Products, when I sent back his stolen Team Tiger Bushmaster.

The post-it on the shirt are details that Tim wrote up before shipping it to me. Tim’s note reads, “1990 factory team shirt, 48 made.”¬†

Jim Lively and R.J. Taylor informed me that Fred Brookings who did the original artwork and ran Dragonfly/Pointblank (clothing and memorabilia) was a Nashville Ridgerunner. Jim Lively writes:

“Correct RJ, Dragonfly was Fred Brooking, he did several limited designs/shirts for different company’s back in the day.”

I’m wearing this shirt in a few of the videos that are being edited this week as well as this Eclipse Sovereign video I posted a couple months back:

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