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Sonny Lopez’s Bore Drop Carter Maximaster

bore drop maximaster, left side full shot
Bore drop Maximaster, left side full shot

Here is a cool Carterized pump, a Bore Drop Carter, known as a Maximaster that Frank, from Excessive Force Paintball had on ebay (link no longer valid on ebay):

Here is a little more information on this pump that I just wrote up for Frank: 

Although comprised of a few different parts this is a pretty neat Carterized pump known as a Maximaster.  

Sonny Lopez's maximaster, left side zoomed
Sonny Lopez’s Maximaster, left side zoomed.

Sonny Lopez showed me this pump last december (2012) and a couple features that might not be apparent on the first glance:

feed collar and rebline pump handle.
Crop shot of left side. Showing rebline pump, and feed collar.

 •The body is a stainless Carter Snub in bore drop length, not breech drop so it takes a lapco spirit or bushmaster bolt (currently has a lapco).

Right side shot of Lopez's maximaster.
Right side shot of Lopez’s maximaster pump.

•The Body is made for a later style bushmaster snub so the valve body sits in further eliminating the need for the 2 back valve body screws.

Stan russell stock.
Cut up stock is a Stan Russell Stock.

•The stock is a Stan Russell stock.

45 Line si frame on Lopez's maximaster.
45 pump frame on Lopez’s maximaster.

•The body uses Line SI style barrels which can likely be freak bored.

top right angle showing feed tube.
Top right angle showing feed tube of maximaster.

Unfortunately the body looks lightly sanded/brushed and the pump arm is polished. Still a really neat hybrid pump that doesn’t have some of the minor annoyances of other pumps of the period, it uses a lot of easy to find nelson parts and easily it’s easily modernized because of the barrel style.

rebline quick disconnect pump arms.
Rebline quick disconnect pump arms.

•The pump arms are Rebline Quick Disconnect arms.

Front of barrel on maximaster.
Front of barrel as slot milling. Might have been done at WGP by Lopez.

•Front of barrel has some additional cuts in it.

top left andle
Top left angle showing feed and top of body.

And here is the article I put together a few months back on Peter Clark and his Bore Drop Carter Maximasters:


And the video with Peter:

All photos courtesy Frank from Excessive Force Paintball. Frank sold this paintgun around July of last year for roughly 400 dollars.

Find  Frank’s ebay store at:

And on facebook at:

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