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Shooting the 2k PbMax Stock Class Sniper 2

Here is a quick testing video on the PBMax Stock Class Sniper 2 I’ve been using for stock class recently.  The efficiency results are actually much worse than I suspected.

2K snipers have a much larger internal volume and are notorious for their bad efficiency on 12 gram cartridges. I thought I was getting about 20 shots off a 12 gram, but in reality, it was about 12 to 15 at 280 fps. 

Right side of the Paintball Max 2k Sniper
Right side of the Paintball Max 2k Sniper.

On this Sniper I’ve filled many of the internal passages with garbage (macroline and other small paintball parts) to reduce volume but it hasn’t improved the results much.
The next change I’ll be doing on this Sniper will be replacing the current valve with a Sniper 1/Early Sniper 2 full valve and a much stiffer valve spring.

Left side of the Paintball Max 2K Sniper.
Left side of the Paintball Max 2K Sniper.

The barrel shown in the above photos, a Carter Machine 14 inch, isn’t what I typically use, I normally use the Dye Titanium 14 inch, which is on the paintgun in the video. I’ll also be going to a 12 inch one piece barrel and trying to find a 2k bolt with a smaller air passage, if anyone has any recommendations on small air passage bolts let me know. The current bolt is a Check-it 2k bolt.

I’d like to get the efficiency off straight unregulated 12 grams up to 22-25 and over time with a lot of small changes I think that will be possible. I might end up needing to change to Sheridan main and valve springs.
In the meantime it shoots fantastic, the feed system is nicely done and the cuts on the body are unique. The body is not a WGP body, there is no serial and it uses a wire detent.
I don’t know exactly what year Brad Nestle cut this body but probably around 2000-2003?

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