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Shooting the Palmer’s Tornado

Shooting the Palmer’s Tornado

Finally finished up this video on the history and function of a Palmers Pursuit Shop semi auto Tornado built on a classic LAPCO Los Angeles Paintball Company. Ghost pump.

In this video we take a closer look at the function and history of a neat semi auto conversions kit for nelson based pumps built by Palmer’s Pursuit Shop out of Sacramento, California.

The particular Tornado being reviewed is built on an ealry 90s Lapco Ghost and I aquired it from Canada. The owner, Patrick Lee, had it built by Palmers in the early 90s. Lee, was the “resident Airsmith” at Edmonton Survival Game in Edmonton Canada and Co Captain of the Splat Aces. (see posts: https://paintballhistory.com/patrick-lee-palmers-tornado-canada and https://paintballhistory.com/patrick-lee-splat-aces)

Trying my best to narrow down the dates that Palmer’s built the Tornado I came the following clues.

The Tornado in the EMR museum is labeled with August 1989. ( See post https://paintballhistory.com/palmers-tornado-in-the-emr-paintball-museum )
Craig Palmer wrote that Lori Wilcox’s (sp?) Tornado was built “around early 1991.” See post https://paintballhistory.com/original-palmers-tornado-built-by-glenn-palmer and tim’s post on facebook http://on.fb.me/10bJFEM )
Steve Davidson posted pictures of a NPS catalog showing the Tornado from Christmas 1991 ( See facebook post: http://on.fb.me/YLSMNh )
An article on the Bay city open from the February 1992 issue of Paintball Magazine showed a player chonorgraphing a Tornado. The photo was like from 1991. Could have been a (Dogs of War player, maybe Rick Wilcox?.) ( See facebook posts: https://paintballhistory.com/dogs-of-war-using-a-tornado-feb-1992-paintball-magazine-scan ).
Patrick Lee’s Tornado was like built around 1992 sometime I would guess since he traded a VM68 for the Ghost and then sent the ghost in to be converted. (See post https://paintballhistory.com/palmers-tornado-built-on-a-lapco-ghost )

And more on Patrick Lee and Edmonton Survival Games:

And Lee’s team, the Splat Aces:

And you can checkout Palmer’s Pursuit Shop online at:

And find Palmer’s videos on youtube at:

And Lapco online at (for the new version of the ghost!):

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