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More on Samuel Riley’s Navarone Bushmaster

Here is the right side shot of the part Navarone Bushmaster I posted a couple days back. Find part one of this article here:

right side line si bushmaster

The previous owner, Samuel “Riley” Riley, worked at Unique Sporting Good in Anaheim so I asked if he knew William Kapes from his time at Unique and if he remembered anything about the stock feed breech that came with the Bushmaster.

I sent Riley a link to Kapes’ interview about Carter Machine, Unique and Best of the West ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9lnTS9EHdA ) and he wrote me this great email back (items in brackets “[]” were added to clarify portions):

“I am not sure what the deal was with that [Stock Class] breech. I came across it in a random bin and bought it because I thought it might be cool to play around with some day.

I don’t remember William, although I do remember a LOT of those guns [in the video]! Talk about a blast into the past. So cool. My favorite was always Rose’s cobalt comp that Earon did to match that cool old Mercedes Benz that she had (a SL something). I definitely remember that gun of Fernando [Castillo’s], and unfortunately saw it plastering me one too many times out at the old Pumpkin Patch. You remember that guy [Fernando]? He was a riot.
The guys I primarily worked with at Unique were Eric and Jeff. Eric was a short guy, very fit and very crazy. Jeff was a bigger guy and knew his stuff when it came to airsmithing like no other I had ever worked with. He used to make some of those older mediocre semis really rock. I had an old indian creek bobcat that he made rock like no other. That was a sweet little gun.

At Carter’s shop we usually were helped by Fernando. It was when they were in their Fullerton location if I remember correctly. My brother still has his Comp. I don’t know if it was the first one he had done with a removable barrel, but it was definitely early on in that era.
I remember that chrome cocker of Dave’s too. It shot me up pretty good in one of the SC big games.”

Another neat feature on this Bushmaster is the solid stainless barrel which Riley says he had Earon Carter make for him while at Unique.

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