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Rick Rector’s Navarone Autococker setup revised


Here are better pictures of Rick Rector’s Navarone cocker with a Carter stainless barrel (opps actually an On Target Products /OTP barrel) and a Co2 tank I got with Youngblood’s cocker.

The red Navarone patch represents one of Navarone’s two squads which I believe were named Armageddon and Apocalypse.

I believe Navarone received these cockers from WGP in 1991? Was 1991 the year WGP released the autococker?

And yes I will be attempting to cycle this Autococker straight off this tank once I am able to get the tank filled.

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Here are better pictures of Rick Rector's Navarone cocker with a Carter stainless barrel and a Co2 tank I got with…

Posted by Baccipaintball.com on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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