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Replacing a stock Nelspot 007 Piercing Pin with a CCI Assembly

Replacing a stock Nelspot 007 Piercing Pin with a CCI Assembly

Ed “Smiley” Beale, of Swarm, posted a great tutorial several years back on mcarterbrown about replacing the stock pierce pin assembly on a Nelspot 007 with a commonly available Phantom pierce pin.
I constantly refer people back to Ed’s guide and although I haven’t actually performed this modification myself I know it will come in handy eventually and can help out a lot of in-grip shooters who need to replace their stock pierce pin for one reason or another.

With Ed’s permission I am reposting his photos, hoping to help in-grip stock shooters with the problem of broken stock Nelson pierce pins and encourage others to try out this modification. All photos are courtesy of Ed Beale.

Find Beale’s original post here:

A couple points to make before the photos.  The stock piercing pin assemblies break easily! I’ve broken more than I like to admit.  NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER try to just unscrew the piercer without FIRST heating the piercer’s base in the Nelspot 007 valve body to hopefully loosen the 24-40 year old hardened thread lock on the piercer!
Otherwise you’ll be stuck buying a rusted up junk in grip valve from baccipaintball that will likely be in worse shape than the valve you started with! 

I’m serious though, the stock piercing stems do snap easily so be careful!

CCI and nelson pins
Stock 007 pierce pin on the left and CCI pierce pin on the right.

This photo shows the main difference between the stock Nelspot 007 piercing stem on the left and the stock CCI bucket or drop out changer piercing pin on the right.
The left Nelson Stem assembly is like a case hardened steel exterior and the CCI assembly is likely zinc coated steel?  I don’t know how the actual piercing pins are constructed.
The Stock Nelspot 007 Piercing Pin stem is 8×32. 
And according to Ed, the stock CCI piercing pin is “1/4″ x 28 tpi NF.”

Find the stock CCI pierce pins on Component Concepts Inc. (CCI) here:

two pierce pins and screw
Two pins with allen screw to adapt CCI pin to the the nelspot valve body

Here are the two piercing stems and the set screw that Ed ordered from McMaster Carr to adapt the CCI piercing pin to the nelspot 007 valve body. An important detail to note, is that Ed ordered the set screw with the hole pre-drilled though it which will allow air to pass through.

Ed doesn’t say in the article but from measuring the stock Nelspot 007 piercing pin it looks like the “vented” set screw Ed uses is 3/8s and the thread is 8×32.
I believe the exact item on McMaster Carr is item 91979A411

CCI pin adapted for allen screw.
Stock 007 pierce pin on the left and CCI pierce pin on the right. CCI pin has been drilled and tapped/ threaded to accept allen screw.

Ed drills out the CCI phantom piercing pin to allow the allen screw to partially screw in and act as the extended threads for the CCI piercer to adapt to the Nelspot Valve body.

Top view with screw removed.
Upside down Nelspot 007 piercer on the left and Phantom CCI piercer on the right. CCI pin has been drilled and tapped to accept the set screw allowing it to screw into the Nelspot valve body.

Top view of the two piercing assemblies.  The drilled out portion of the CCI piercer is visible with the allen screw underneath it.

top view of two allen screws.
Bottom view of the two piercers with allen screw. Notice the allen screw was pre drilled (which acts as the air pass through hole).

The allen screw is screwed into the drilled out CCI piercer and is ready to be screwed into the Nelspot stock In grip valve body. The oring at the base of the piecer is no longer needed since the piercer will be sealing on the threads of the allen screw, not the base of the larger Outer diameter piercer.
Ed recommends using blue loctite to seal the threads of the allen screw into the Nelspot valve body and CCI piercer.

allen screw and set screw in piercer.
Once the allen screw is blue loctited into the drilled out CCI piercer, an allen screw can be used to screw it in.

The piercer can then be screwed in and out of the Stock Nelspot 007 valve body from the inside, by using the allen wrench and without having to use the flat head screw driver.
Ed writes:
“If it should ever break off a 5/64″ allen wrench fits inside the valve, you used blue locktite right ?”
Since the stock threads on the exterior of the CCI piercer are no longer needed it might also be possible to screw the assembly in that way but you would need to be careful that the blue loctite has sealed between the CCI pierce pin and the allen screw.

Allen screw to screw in the in grip valve.
The allen head can be used to screw the piercer into the 007 in grip valve from the interior.

In this photo, Ed is using the allen wrench inside the valve body to screw the modified CCI pierce pin assembly into the Nelspot 007 valve body. The oring is not needed but doesn’t effect anything.

Top rear shot of the allen screwing in the piercer.
Clear shot of the allen wrench screwing the piercer into the in grip valve from the inside.

Another angled view of the valve body with the modified CCI piercing being screwed in.

side view of nelspot valve with adapted piercer
Nelspot 007 stock in grip valve body with adapted CCI piercer, side view.

The screwed in modified CCI pierce pin extends close to the same length as the stock Nelson Stem piercer but is far more durable (in terms of screwing in and out without snapping off).
Ed writes:
“The CCI pin is about 1/16” shorter from the shoulder to the cup but there are just enough extra threads on the plunger screw to still have full thread engagement with the frame. “

Bottom view of nelspot valve with adapted piercer
Bottom view of the stock 007 valve body with the CCI piercer screwed in.

Front view of Ed’s valve body assembled and ready to go back in the Nelspot 007.

Assembled modified CCI pierce pin in Nelspot.
Modified Replacement CCI pierce pin in Stock 007 valve body and sticking through stock Nelson frame.

The replacement modified CCI piercing stem assemble in the grip frame of a Nelspot 007.   

12 gram pierced inside of grip frame
Nelson 007 frame with 12 gram pressed into adapted CCI piercer inside of in grip valve.

Same grip frame with a 12 gram dropped in.  The 12 gram sits perfectly in the replacement CCI piercing pin assembly.  It’s important that the tapped hole for the allen screw is straight, otherwise the pin could be a different able and end up difficult (or impossible) to seal.

Nelspot 12 gram screw and loop.
Stock 007 12 gram screw / loop. Screwing this in applies pressure to the 12 gram and pushed the 12 gram into the piercer, piercing it and gassing up the nelspot.

Nelspot 12 gram screw/loop applies the pressure and pierces the 12 gram into the piercer. 

Smiley's project with CCI piercer in stock 007 valve body.
Ed “Smiley” Beale’s completed project using the CCI piercer in grip valve.

And the assembly in Ed’s project nelson without a 12 gram.

Thanks to Ed for letting me repost this project and if anyone has any other feedback on this modification please post.

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