Punisher Custom’s PGP Nano Cocker Semi Auto

It’s hard to believe that Punisher Customs’ work was mostly produced over ten years ago, from 1999 to 2005. Punisher’s work ranged from stock class PGPs to electronic VM-68s and every modification to CCI Phantoms imaginable. Punisher eventually succumbed to the antagonizing stress of too many projects with too many different customers and working on too many finicky paintguns.

Punisher Customs Sheridan Nano Cocker Semi Auto

I was legitimately impressed by some of Punisher’s work, including many of the phantom related items, but other items were not really my style.

Which leads into this custom semi automatic PGP, which Punisher referred to as a Nano Cocker. This paintgun fits in-between impressive work and items that I couldn’t really see myself owning. This Nano Cocker isn’t something I would use regularly, it’s got a bit too much flair and I feel like the attachment and design of several pieces including the trigger, hardline, raw aluminum of the frame, gloss of the wood grips, and paint job on the body wouldn’t hold up to my regular use. Also, I can see myself tripping immediately and bending / breaking the beavertail.

Right side view of Punisher Customs' PGP Nano Cocker.
Right side view of Punisher Customs’ PGP Nano Cocker.

And I’m also sure the internal components are a pain to maintain. There are also a couple minor issues that prevent this Nano Cocker from actually being ready to rock in its current state.
•The WGP inline setup as a bottomline reg is missing a depressing pin to open a pin valve on a tank.
•The bolt pin is difficult to move in and out of the bolt.

Both minor issues that can easily be overcome. And I realized this when I bought this used off mcb a few months back.

Left side view of Punisher Customs' PGP Nano Cocker.
Left side view of Punisher Customs’ PGP Nano Cocker.

I’m hoping to try and shoot this Nano Cocker later this month after I rebuild the three way but we’ll see how that goes…

Find more of Punisher’s old products on his archived site at:


  1. Glad you like it! It was basically a ‘parts box’ gun that Punisher threw together for fun and wasn’t done for a specific customer. I kind of liked the hammered finish he applied to the frame and backblock, and the reversed 3-way mount was clever.

    I think I had it up for sale on my site for a long time, but Cale eventually bought it from me at SPE two years ago (I think). He mentioned having sold it to you when I saw him at SPE last weekend, so I thought I’d stop by your site to see what became of it.


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