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Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village

Pump UWL Practice with The Foot Clan at SC Village
A group video with The Foot Clan at SC Village on Saturday January 7th.

On January 7th, 2017, Benji, Andre and I drove out to SC Village to help build some bunkers on the UWL field and play some Ultimate Woodsball League practice games with Black Sunday. Andre and I ended up breaking off from the field building to scrimmage with The Foot Clan who will be competing in the UWL pump division.

CCM'd Orracle and Series 5 Pump at SC Village for UWL Practice.
CCM’s Orracle and CCM Hard Anodized Series 5. Orracle has Pete Clark’s barrel plug and S5 has Andre’s cast Bacci’s Bad Boys’ Flip Off Plug.

Although I believe the UWL pump division will be played on the same field as Pro, Open and Tactical, we played quick turn arounds on SC Village’s China Beach field. I was impressed with the changes made to the China Beach field since the last time I played it. Bunkers are a lot more dense making movement significantly easier and keeping track of the opposition more challenging.

Benji joined us towards the end of the day and treated Andre to blast some paint off through his LV1.1. Andre hadn’t shot an LV1.1 before (or any Electronic Paintgun) so this was a real treat. Towards the end of the string of paint, Andre runs out of air and the LV1.1 turns into a blender. At the end of the day he thinks he’ll stick with pump. 

Andre is wearing Nitro Duck “Traditional Adventure Gear” camouflage which I think worked really well for SC Village’s terrain.

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