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Primal Impulse Purple 18V Viewloader Shredder

Been overwhelmed with some non paintball projects this week and have been slow on getting packages out but I just pulled parts out for most of the ten or 15 I have left and will be packing them up tomorrow.

Primal Impulse Viewloader Shredder.
Primal Impulse Viewloader Shredder.

And here is a Viewloader Shredder I picked up last year with a Vector that came to me from Texas. Anyone recognize the “Primal Impulse” sticker? 
I’m not sure if it’s paintball related or just a misc stick someone put on the side of the Shredder.

The black box underneath the shell’s battery compartment is the extra 9v giving the 1.5 inch (or 2 inch) tall 4 point paddle enough power to turn. I’ve never really used one of these but I’ve heard they burned up frequently. These predated the 12v Revolutions.

Find Viewloader Revolutions and parts for sale at https://www.baccipaintball.com/gear/hoppers/electric-loaders.html

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