Powerlyte Hybrid Autococker with internal ram and race frame


Here is a Powerlyte Hybrid cocker I got in the mail today with a Pro Teams Micro cocker.

I have been looking for one of these for a while because of the internal ram and frontblock they use. I was sure this one would be beat up and would be drilled for race eyes.

It wasn’t drilled for eyes and looks like the main wear is on the lpr mount front block screw. Missing the cover for the raceframe pad (membrane?).

Maybe Paintball Tek can help me with this?

Find this post on facebook at:

Here is a Powerlyte Hybrid cocker I got in the mail today with a Pro Teams Micro cocker.I have been looking for one…

Posted by Baccipaintball.com on Thursday, August 30, 2012


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A Minicocker similar to early BBT SFLs

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Find some more information here: SPEW II in Bako, March 17-18

Unfortunately I didn't have any game pictures, Heinous took some good ones though!


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