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Phantom Revolution Break Down with Devin

Devin Riker partially broke down his Component Concepts, Inc. Phantom Revolution for me at last Southern Cal Stock Group’s Pump vs Semi game last weekend. Devin demonstrates how the Revolution can be adapted for higher pressure less volume with co2 and lower pressure more volume for hpa.

Devin also shows barrel sizes that are used in the Phantom threaded breech. I have some of the internal cut down photos I’ll post on the site with this video in a couple days.

And find CCI’s site at https://phantomonline.com/

And watch it in 4K if your computer can handle it without shuttering/stuttering and freezing like mine. 
Thanks to Devin and Paul for the help with this video. Hopefully we’ll record a shooting video eventually as well.

Find Mike and Revolutions on CCI’s website at https://phantomonline.com/

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