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PBSL – Paintball Skills League – from FPSPaul / Paul Yun

Paul Yun / FPSPaul just posted a video he’s been working on with PBSL founder Dennis Buat. Dennis runs through a brief history behind the PBSL’s foundation and some background behind the iconography on the jerseys/logo.

In the interview Buat explains, “PBSL…stands for Paintball Skill League…started out in 2007. We are players before we are refs, obviously we couldn’t do both so I built this league for my friends, me and my commons refs.”

Buat’s PBSL is currently on its 13th season and is a random draw style pump and mech tournament started at Fields of Fire in Southern California. Paul, Benji, Andre and I have been playing this tournament on and off over the last year and we’ve always have a great time.
The games are high stakes but you leave it all behind at the end of the day because your team is random. This is also a great event to meet other Southern California pump players who don’t frequent your typical group.

Dennis describes how the basic idea of PBSL remains the same today as it was 13 years ago, “…It wasn’t really serious…let’s put 5 dollars into it, and let’s put it random, so we draw like cards. That’s why you can see in our logo, there’s this skull, which means death, and our old Field of Fire logo, and we have the cards, which means randomness and fairness. It’s a gamble.”

Dennis Buat talks with Paul Yun / FPSPaul on the history behind the PBSL league.
Dennis Buat talks with Paul Yun / FPSPaul on the history behind the PBSL league.

“Players with the same number cards would play on the same team and eventually idea caught on with customers and the numbers grew”

“For me the main difference is the randomness of it, so when you come here you don’t need to have your own team…You just go by yourself.”
“If you are new to paintball and want to get in the tournament scene but are still undecided on how to go about it, PBSL is the best way for you to enhance your skills, and also get to know some players; and if you’re good enough some players will come to you and they will pick you up for their team.”
“You will learn to ref, you will learn to play, you will also learn to organize, to be a captain, you will be given that chance.”

Dennis’ PBSL events happen once a month and others, such as the Worr Boys, are bringing the event to the Inland Empire and other regions.

Find more video from Paul here

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