Paul Schreck

Lapco Stock Class Grey Ghost number 32

A look at Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 32, built by Colin Thompson in the early 1990s while he was employed at Mr. Paintball in Escondido.

Restored Early Carter Machine Buzzard History

Identifying a beautiful classic Buzzard and noting the subtle differences between 1989-90 model Carter Machine Buzzards and Termites.

Lapco Stock Ghost #32 Breakdown c.1994-1996?

A breakdown of Lapco Stock Ghost number 32 which was originally owned by Colin Thompson's fellow employee of Mr. Paintball in Escondido.

OTP and Circle Autococker thread barrels

A neat Circle Autococker barrel next to an OTP barrel. Both barrels were made by OTP.

Cycling the Scorpion Autoloader, video (c.1994)

Paul Schreck Cycles the Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader and a little on Kenimex and the function of the semi automatic conversion valve for nelsons.

Paul’s Circle internals for Carter Machine pumps

Paul Schreck created these Circle internals as replacements for Carter Machine Buzzards, comps and Box Guns.

Paul’s Carterized Stock Class Sniper 2

Paul shows off his Stock Class Sniper 2 that Earon Carter converted. Many small touch combined make this an awesome pump!

Bob Long Autococker Back Block Cage remade!

Paul "Lucky Duck" Schreck had a few of these Cages remade for a couple Bob Long Autocockers we have and the final product looks great!

Paul Schreck’s Green Left Feed Kamikaze Shooter / Duck Rebuild

Paul just finished rebuilding this Carter Kamikaze Shooter Duck and it's shooting great.

Paul’s ”RTR” Circle Pistol with a Circle Snub

Here is Paul Schreck's Circle Pistol which uses one of his Circle Snubs and is built around a combination of parts including Carter Internals, a RTR Carter pump handle and feed, RTR Bionic Arms, a Tech T sizer kit, a redux frame, rail and valve body sets.

Paul’s ”Circle Snubs” for Boxgun & Stock class Breech Drop Nelson builds

Paul Schreck, of Circle Paintball, has a few stainless breech drop nelson bodies available for purchase.  These are high...

So Cal Stock at Jungle Island for Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday

So Cal Stock ventures to Jungle Island and celebrates Kamikaze Shooter, Jack Wada's Birthday with some action packed Stock Class Games.

Jack Wada’s 59th Birthday Game group shot!

A fantastic group photo of Jack Wada's suprise birthday party at Jungle Island with the Southern California Stock Group.

Inception Designs Pico Loader at the 2013 West Coast PSP

Paul Schreck and I visited the PSP West Coast Open and got a look at the new Inception Designs Pico Loader at the Contract Killer Booth.

Contract Killer at PSP Riverside August 2013

Visited PSP Riverside today and got to checkout one of the new Inception Designs Pico loader.

Stock Class at Jungle Island in June 2013

An upcoming game at Jungle Island will be limited to stock class.

Termite or Buzzard Sight Rail

A neat Termite Gun or Buzzard sight rail that Paul Schreck gave me.

A prototype Southern Pneumatics Phoenix from Eric Scott

A Full left side shot of Eric Scott's prototype Phoenix.

Team Ronin Hawaii Patch from Paul Schreck

Paul Schreck gave this Team Ronin patch to me several months back. I think he originally received it from Fernando Castillo, who was the shop manager at Carter Machine in the Mid 90s.

Prototype JT Excellerator 5.0 from Paul

This is the second prototype (?) or ''Test Marker B'' for the JT Excellerator 5.0.