Home Classic Paintball Scans The Passing of Bill "Thunderpig" Harvey, Paintcheck October 1990

The Passing of Bill “Thunderpig” Harvey, Paintcheck October 1990

1990 October Paintcheck Thunderpig

 Here is an article from the October 1990 issue of Paintcheck on the passing of Bill “Thunderpig” Harvey on the side of a well worn photo from Earon Carter’s shop.

I imagine the author, Stephanie Dillon, was the wife of Joe Dillon, President of CMI (Diablo, LS-2000, P-1 Pig Gun and other misc products)?

 The photo shows (l to r), Earon Carter, Jessica Sparks, John Barber, Bill “Thunderpig” Harvey and another members of Earon’s gang who I don’t know the name of (anyone recognize him?).

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