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Para Ordnance Mod 85 – a Primer Powered Paintball Pistol

Another video from November that Benji and I recorded after working on his racing van, this time taking a look at a Mod 85 Paintball pistol built by Para Ordnance around 1985.

I’ve never owned a Mod-85, and it’s not something I would feel comfortable really shooting at other players or even driving around with in California.

Right side view of the Para-Ordnance Mod 85.
Right side view of the Para-Ordnance Mod 85.

This pistol does not use air to fire the paintball but instead you load your clip with plastic shell casings, driven by a primer, that when struck by the firing pin launch the .375 caliber paintball projectile.
Some of these pistols are semi only, and others are capable of Fully Automatic fire. I am not sure which model this pistol is. In the video I saw the F/S switch is a selector between Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic. But that is incorrect, the switch is actually a switch between Fire and Safe mode.
Benji didn’t have any shells to cycle this paintball marker but I have seen empty shells cycled. I have not seen the paintball fired though.

The Mod 85 is a neat design but I’ll stick with my 12 grams. And I cannot comment on the legality of this pistol in California but is does have a plastic barrel and would not survive firing actual lead bullet ammunition.

Left side view of the Para-Ordnance Mod 85.
Left side view of the Para-Ordnance Mod 85.

From a quick google search I’ve found that Para Ordnance was founded in Canada in 1985 and I’ve heard this paintball sub machine gun was the first product they manufactured and then moved onto real firearms. More history on Para Ordnance in the future.
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