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Paintball History Display at Linh Truong’s Charity Big Game

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, I set up a “Paintguns of Paintball’s History” display at Linh Truong’s Charity Event Big Game.   

Side view of the display with the So Cal Stock Class Banner
Side view of the display with the So Cal Stock Class Banner

I set up the display wall alongside our So Cal Stock Group banner and talked to enthusiastic players about their own history, the story behind the markers on the wall and explained So Cal Stock Group and how our fearless leader, Sonny Phommarine, is bringing back modified Stock Class to Southern California.

So Cal Stock's December 2014 flyer!
So Cal Stock’s December 2014 flyer!

Sonny had a ton of flyers printed out and we encouraged players to take the flyers and to come join us in the games he organizes at SC Village, Jungle Island, Ambush Paintball and Fields of Fire.

Benji at his Booth.
Benji at his Booth, find Benji on facebook at BigbPB.

Benji Silverstein also set up a booth and was selling a ton of classic pumps and parts.  Check Benji’s page out on facebook at:

The Vendor Booths at Linh's Charity Big Game.
The Vendor Booths at Linh’s Charity Big Game.

Here’s a photo at one point when most players were in the game. This photo shows Gateway’s display and BBQ.

The Paintball History Display
The Paintball History Display

Pictured above is the paintgun wall. See how many you can name and then look at the numbered photo and list below.

Numbered display of markers at the Charity Event.
Numbered display of markers at the Charity Event.

Here’s the numbered photo. And below is the numbered list with links to articles on nearly each paintgun.

  1. Classic Crosman framed Phantom – serial 1166 (or 67?)
  2. UK – Legend
  3. UK – Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader
  4. Brazil – Thormax Speedmaster Auto Pump
  5. UK – Auto Sterling
  6. Rick Rector’s Navarone Bushmaster (not marked for Navarone)
  7. Puma Pistol (c. 1986)
  8. UK – Daystate Ultimark III (c. 1988-89?)
  9. Canada – Joe Survival Mark V .50 (c. 1987-1988?)
  10. Early Nelspot 007 (c. 1970s-early 1980s)
  11. Southern Pneumatic’s Phoenix
  12. CAS Rebline MII (c. 1989-91)
  13. Dave Bassman’s Sudden Death Super Long Barrel Piranha (c. 1989?)
    Not posted yet but more Sudden Death info at:  https://paintballhistory.com/tag/sudden-death-2
  14. Boston Paintball Reflex Autococker Parts Gun – late 90s
  15. Carterized Taso or AGS pump
  16. Termite – Early Buzzard – c. 1988
  17. New Zealand – Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion (c. 1990)
  18. Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker (c. 1995-96)
  19. Navarone Autococker (c.1991-92)
  20. Lapco Ghost (c. 1991?)
  21. Nelson 707 (c. 1960s)
  22. Canada – Brass Eagle “Eagle” (c. 1988-1989)
  23. California Cobra (c. 1987)
  24. Darkside MK1 (or MK2?) Uzi (c. 1984-1985?)
Rhino Tech Stock class harnesses.
Rhino Tech Stock class harnesses.

Rhinotech Stock Class Suspender harness.
Rhinotech Stock Class Suspender harness.


Also at Linh’s Charity Event were Paintball Gateway, and Rhinotech. I wasn’t aware that Rhinotech was still making stock class harnesses and according to Sonny, Paintball Gateway carries them. 

Rhino Tech Stock class belts.
Rhino Tech Stock class belts.
Rhino gear stock class belt.
Rhinotech gear stock class belt.

You can find Rhinotech’s stock class harnesses listed on Paintball Gateway at:

Front zoomed out view of the paintball history display.
Zoomed out side display. On the table are a Badger, a Tippmann SMG 60, a Palmer’s Nasty Typhoon and a Carter VM.

And another photo showing the paintguns sitting on the table that interested players could pick up and get a feel for.  I didn’t pack as many paintguns on the wall as I had thought I would because I was a little concerned about the weight on Sonny’s canopy.

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