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Old Nelson Oil based paintballs for the 007 & 707

I found these two boxes of old Nelson Oil based paintballs a couple weeks back.  The boxes are unsealed but the tubes are all full.  14 paintballs in each tube and I believe they are oil based. 

Super spot paintballs by nelson

I don’t know the date on these but I think they are late 70s or early 80s.  They do say industrial use only but even the later washable Nelson paint had this logo.  These paintballs do say Super Spot on them though which I haven’t seen before.
They do mention the 707 which the later metal tubes of paint don’t reference so that is one key they are an earlier style.

side of nelson paintballs box

Take a look at these two posts with a little more information on these boxes of paint:

And the later metal tubes of Nelson Paintballs:

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