Stainless Long Barrel Nelson – c.1988?

These unknown long barrel stainless Nelson based pumps likely date from the late 1980s and features a combination of stock and modified parts. The stainless steel bodies are nicely constructed.

CMI Thunderpig P1 Hammers vs a NW Comp Hammer

A look comparing the hammers from and NW Comp and CMI Thunderpig P1 pump gun. Both are similar in shape and use a similar sear.

Breech Drop Carter Machine Stock Class Line SI conversion

This stock class Line SI conversion was built by Carter Machine in the early 1990s. Although Breech Drop, I call this nelson pump is a Maximaster.

Hypertech Aftermarket Internals for the CCI Phantom?

A set of aftermarket internals for the CCI phantom that I found in a parts lot. These feature a very unique connecting rod.

Airing up and Shooting a Termite Gun Pump c.1989

In these series of videos I air up and shoot a Termite gun pump, which was built in late 1988 or early 1989.

Nelspot 007 Breakdown and Rebuild Tutorial

A look at how to disassembly, troubleshoot and then reassembly a Nelspot 007 pump paintball pistol.

Ken Kidd’s Straight Nelson ASA for Line SI and Carters

Steve Mongo Brett Looks at a straight nelson asa adapter that Ken Kidd made for the Line SI advantage, Bushmaster and Carter Buzzard.

Texas Air Guns’ brass Nelson barrels, c.1987-91

Texas Air Guns built early Breech Drop and later Bore Drop Brass Nelson body kits which were sold by various distributors from 1988 until 1990.

Prototype PMI Chameleon Kit on a Nelspot Challenger

A few PMI Chameleon kits and a neat prototype semi auto kit that adapts a standard nelson spec pump to a semi automatic.

Replacing a stock Nelspot 007 Piercing Pin with a CCI Assembly

Ed "Smiley" Beale's modification for replacing the stock Piercing pin on a Nelson nelspot 007.

Tin Cans of Old Nelson Super Spot Oil Based Paint c.60-70s?

Two tin cans of Nelson Super Spot Paint dating from likely the 1960s to the 70s. This paint is oil based and the pigment has since separated from the oil.

Cycling the Scorpion Autoloader, video (c.1994)

Paul Schreck Cycles the Kenimex Scorpion Autoloader and a little on Kenimex and the function of the semi automatic conversion valve for nelsons.

Paul’s Circle internals for Carter Machine pumps

Paul Schreck created these Circle internals as replacements for Carter Machine Buzzards, comps and Box Guns.

Old Nelson Oil based paintballs for the 007 & 707

I found these two boxes of old Nelson Oil based paintballs a couple weeks back.  The boxes are unsealed but...

Vintage Nelson Paintballs in Cardboard tubes

Two boxes of classic nelson paintballs I came across. I'm unsure when they were produced and if the paintballs are actually oil based?

Stock Class Line SI Bushmaster Body

A Stock Class Line SI Bushmaster Body that someone created from what was once a Bushmaster right feed post 1990 snub.

Grizwald Stock Class WGP Ranger

A Stock Class WGP Ranger that I think may have been owned by a player on the team Grizwald.

National Gun Sports’ Savage Pump

Dan explains the Nelson based National Gun Sports' Savage Pump, which was produced in Virginia around the late 1980s.

The Boss by Smart Parts – a Nelson Pump c.1990

The Boss pump was sold by Smart Parts around 1990. The All Americans also used this pump around 1990.

Lee “Crandall” Randolph’s Smart Parts Boss

A classic Smart Parts Boss with a few modernized upgrades.