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Mike “The Mouth” Telarico’s Jeff Orr Autococker c.1994-95

Mike “The Mouth” Telarico’s Jeff Orr Autococker c.1994-95
Right full shot of Mike Telarico's Jeff Orr Autococker.

Earlier this month, January 4th, 2015, Ralph “RJ” Torrell, posted a couple photos of Mike “The Mouth” Telarico’s custom Jeff Orr Autococker to the Old School Paintball guns group on facebook.

Right full shot of Mike Telarico's Jeff Orr Autococker.
Right full shot of Mike Telarico’s Jeff Orr Autococker.

Ralph writes:
“…I bring to you, for your viewing pleasure, one of the first, if not THE first Jeff Orr custom gun. This gun has not seen the light of day in 10+ years and now you guys are the first to see it. It belongs to a friend of mine, Mike, who was one of Bud Orr’s crew guys for many years.”

Shore Patrol at Top Gun paintball c. 1993.
Fred Dorski, Rick Pullen, Mike Telarico and Ray Gong at Top Gun Paintball c. 1993. Scanned from the June 1993 issue of Action Pursuit Games.

As Ralph explains, this Autococker “was simply a gift from Jeff [Orr] to Mike.”
Telarico worked at Top Gun paintball in New Jersey as the “head field judge,” was an early tech for WGP and played as a member of Shore Patrol.

Left side of the sight rail attached to the body on "the Mouth's" autococker.
Left side of the sight rail attached to the body on “the Mouth’s” autococker.

Many people have seen the later series of 3D bodies E Cockers that Jeff put out in the mid to late 2000s but his stylistic choices early on are more difficult to pin point. So when Ralph posted these photos of “The Mouth’s” totally custom full body Jeff Orr, I was excited!

How the back block, bolt and body meet together.
How the back block, bolt and body meet together.

Most of the Jeff Orr Autocockers I’ve come across feature very unique modifications and this left feed certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The unique features on this cocker include:
•Left Feed
•Milled off sight rail
•Unique sight mount
•Custom engraving
•Cooper T Air vent on base of Front block
•Cut Bolt mount on back of Back Block
•STO or Bud Orr Signature series barrel
•Black Sterling one hole grips
•Chrome (nickel?) plated WGP Inline, Frame and asa and Cocking rod. 

In messaging with Telarico regarding this Autococker’s customizations, he wrote to Ralph that, “The Front Block is from a Minicocker. If you look closely you will see there is a [bleed off knob to degass] the front block assembly between the regulator.
Telarico went on to write that, “The grips we’re not on the gun originally, they are from Keith of Belsales. They are wood with black lacquer on them.”

Serial Number on the mouths custom autococker.
Serial number on “The Mouth’s” custom Jeff Orr Autococker.

The serial number of around 20 thousand put this Autococker towards the end of 1994. The Ironmen received their 16K Autocockers on April 2nd of 1994 so it would make sense that this Autococker was be from the end of that year or possibly early 1995.

Bolt removed from back block.
Bolt removed from back block.

If you’re on facebook and a member of the Old School Paintball group, you can view Ralph’s original post at:

And here are a few more confirmed and suspected examples of Jeff Orr’s custom work on Autocockers:

And another custom Autococker that Carl Atkin’s posted several years back, which originally belonged to “The Mouth”:

Giant thanks to Ralph for “unearthing” these photos and giving me permission to post them!

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