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Mark Bragg’s 62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11

Mark Bragg’s 62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11
Larger shot of 62 011 serial number. Photo courtesy Mark Bragg.

After seeing photos of Sniper 1s “R11” and “11” which I posted last week Mark Bragg, formerly  of G-Force Paintball in Illinois, sent this photo over to me. 

62 Caliber Sniper 1 Serial 11.
62 Caliber Sniper serial 11 from WGP. Photo courtesy Mark Bragg of G-Force Paintball.

Mark writes:
It’s funny that you have Sniper 1 No.11 and Rental No. 11. While I have 62 Cal No.11.
Makes me wonder how many other 11’s there are. I’m sure there is a Mini Cocker No.11 (as long as it wasn’t milled up, and no longer exists) And a Ranger No.11. [I] would have to dig into my boxes, but don’t think Commandos were serialized. I’m sure there is a Bud Orr Sig Series Cocker No.11, but I think those were still in the same serial number line, but had another number stamped in the Sig Series emblem.”

Serials 11, 62 11 and R 11
All three Serial numbers beside each other to demonstrate the differences in stamping. Click to enlarge.

Picture above are the Serial stamps from Sniper 11, R 11 an 62 011.   I’m not sure the order that the R 11 stamp fits in.  The serial has more of a serif than the 11 stamp but less of a serif than the 62 011 stamp.
I had assumed that R 11 was the 11th serial Sniper until I found serial 11.  Bud Orr told me that R stands for Rental.

62 caliber sniper number 11 serial
Larger shot of 62 011 serial number. Photo courtesy Mark Bragg.

Mark mentioned this 62 caliber pump to me in emails in 2012 but I had forgotten about it until he sent this photo.

Reversible Feed Sniper R 11
Close up of Reversible Feed Sniper R 11 which came from Earon Carter.

Back in 2012 Mark wrote me, recalling his trip to WGP in around 2000 and how he found and assembled four 62 caliber Sniper bodies and 2 Top Gun R serial bodies on a visit to WGP in 2000. His 62 Caliber serials were all pretty low and his R (reversible Rental sniper 1s) were serialized between Sniper 1s and Sniper 2s.
Mark wrote, “The 62 cal guns run from 11 to 39, and the “R” guns from 2606 and 2647.” 

Mark went on to explain how he found the bodies and what he did with them:
“The Top Gun bodies I got were empty bodies. I made one into a stock gun, and the other is packed away. The 62’s came with enough parts to make 3 complete, working 62 cal guns, and the 4th body is also packed away. Couple of ironies, I had sent back a bolt many, many years before (the one that came in my very first sniper2), because the vertical air whole was not centered…I actually found it in a box. I also already had a barrel (bought in 1990) plug from Worr Games. You know the green translucent ones that were mad to fit into the “Ammo Box 2”. The day before we went to Worr Games, we stopped in at Unique’s store in Anaheim, to look Rosie’s gun collection. They had a black Ammo Box 2, in a “Cheap Stuff” bin. They sold it to me for 50 cents. Then while we were at Buds, I found a green loader, and a black plug, so I have two complete sets! 
Kinda simple, but it was cool to me.”

Sniper serial 11
Sniper Serial 11 which came in the mail a few weeks back.

Another good story that Mark told me was how he found enough parts laying around WGP to assemble a WGP Ranger:
“We were standing in the shop, talking to whomever it was that was putting 3-ways together. His bench was right next to this great big rotating thing (lots of bins, and rotated, like what you used to by nails in at the hardware store), It was full of various parts and pieces from over the years. I stood there, while we talked, putting pieces together till I had a complete, working, ranger with 12in barrel and a pump changer(one of several I got). The guy stopped talking as he looked at the gun in my hand, “Did you just put that together from that bin??”. HAHA, He said I was probably the only person there, besides Bud, that could have. I carried it back to Buds office. He asked where I found it. I told him how I pieced it together. He got a pretty good chuckle out of it….brought that home too.”

Thanks to Mark for the photo.

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