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Lords of Discipline Piranha Long Barrel

Lords of Discipline Engraving
Lords of Discipline engraving on the barrel of a Long Barrel Piranha.

This Lords of Discipline engraved Piranha Long Barrel came from Glenn Pensinger of Hole in the Wall Paintball. 
Glenn received this Sheridan/PMI from Steve Copeland who played on Kings Knights, Lords of Discipline and Aftershock.

Turbo Piranha Long Barrel from Lords
Lords of Discipline PMI Piranha Long Barrel with the AGD Turbo Valve engraving.

Another close up showing the left side of the constant air Lords of Discipline engraved PMI Piranha.  These Long Barrel Piranhas were also some of the small batch engraved with “Airgun Designs Turbo Valve” from PMI.

Aftershock’s team page has a good write up about the Lord’s ban from the Lively series and the merging of Lords and Scream to form Aftershock.
View that write up at: http://www.teamaftershock.com/history.htm

Rick Taylor, of the Nashville Ridgerunners, commented on facebook about the Crow Warriors reasoning and the Lord’s tendency to over react and hot headedness based on his personal experience.
Rick writes:
“After reading Aftershocks page I understand the over shooting thing [by the Crow Warriors]. The Lords had picked up a rep as not being the most standup players out there. Skirmish game in 88 was where they wore short pants and tee shirts to play in with what appeared to be Vaseline on their arms and legs.
This event is what set a lot of players opinion about them. I was at this event and there were a lot of jokes passing around about the Lords back then. Jessica Sparks even commented about them in APG.”

Rick went on to write:
“I was also at the Chicago event, I have played against and reffed the Crow warriors and knew them to be standup players. When it evolved to the point that fights were breaking out on the field it helped me to make the choice to drop out of the sport.”

Gilbert Martinez, of the California Bushmasters, also comments:
“The Lords were stud players. That on-field fight caused them to lose sponsors and have to change names. Great team.”

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  1. I played on The Lords of Displicine 5, 10, 15 man team from 1986-1990. The comment about us putting vasaline on our arms and legs was crap!! We were just smart players! We weren’t afraid of getting hit! Because we didn’t get hit! Thank You! TK

  2. I played for L.O.D , #95 green shirt team,1st televised Paintball tournament , watch it on youtube. Just happy to be on such an iconic team. there was just many great players on that team.Stories are just stories,bottom line L.O.D. were WORLD CHAMPS,and UNBEATABLE.

  3. The LoD were in fact a great team however everyone forgets how bad we (Crow Warriors) obliterated them in very little time. it wasnt even a competition at that point when the fight broke out. they were walking back to the kill box whining, LOL!!!!


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