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Kapp Prototype Quick Disconnect Autococker Bolts

Kapp Prototype Quick Disconnect Autococker Bolts

Here is a picture I snapped over a year ago of a few Kapp Prototype quick disconnect bolts in Northern California. 

prototype kapp autococker bolts

The top and bottom two combos use a bearing that catched the bottom of the bolt in the back block. The second from the top uses a horizontal qd pin. I would guess these were produced before the Kapp Reflex?

Each bolt is slightly different in shape and face. I did record a short video on these but it’s not high on the edit list right now.

And in other site news, the past couple days I’ve been working on fixing site code problems and correcting seo input I’ve neglected over the last year. Going to take a while to catch up with all 1000 categories….

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