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Jimmy Li shows & his Carter Machine Box Gun

Short video with Jimmy Li from CCPaintball showing off his Carter Machine Box Gun. Jimmy rigged up his pistol with a Boomerang and a Knuckle from RTR. That’s more than enough air for the amount of paint you’re going to shoot in one day.

Jimmy has the Remember the Ronin Boomerang and Knuckle bolted to the bottom of his grip frame to hold 4 12 grams. I would probably just go with one or the other personally but I think it’s more of an intimidation factor. 

Find Jimmy most days at CCPaintball in Norco (next to SC Village):
CC Paintball
2085 River Rd
Norco, CA 92860

And find CCPaintball online at:

And for RTR knuckles and boomerangs visit:

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