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Jack Wada and his Race Gun (Box Gun Hybrid)


Yesterday at Hollywood Sports Park I talked to Jack Wada of the Kamikaze Shooters, about a few of his classic pumps.
One particular example was Jack’s racegun. Jack said Earon made a batch of this style pump handle moddeled after the OMMS (knurled circular 007 pump handle).

I had always thought this style pump handle was made by Cal Ordnance but I was mistaken.

Here is a picture of Jack holding his racegun with the Carter 007 pump handle, (yeah awful pic, egg on Jack’s head, fuzzy edges because of the rain but we were rushed to back to playing).
Jack’s gun is an beautiful amalgamation and as deadly as it is radical and he proved that while playing with it the second half of the day.

Looking at it you can see the Boxgun/Superstock rail and body, Carter frame with Tim Stone grips, Carter pump handle, back bottle and rat attack.
The detent system is a drilled hole in the body with some type of nubbin or plastic (can’t remember what he told me) to prevent rollouts.

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