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j and j patch

J and J Performance Logo Patch from the early 90s

J and J Sidewinder (c.1990-1991)

More about the J and J Sidewinder on VintageRex.com


J and J Sidewinder left side profile, key features: delrin pump and bolt and short lowertube.

Produced by J and J Performance around 1990-1991, the Sidewinder was another attempt at a better performing sheridan. Featuring many of the popular aftermarket sheridan upgrades this gun was pretty short lived and (from what I have found) has only appeared twice in one issue of Paintball Sports International (June 1990 issue).
At first glance the Sidewinder resembles one of Combat Connection’s scratch build Sheridan based Enforcers because of the oversized pump and the shortened lowertube but upon closer inspection this sheridan based brass pump is significantly different.

1990 psi sidewinder

J and J Sidewinder ad scanned from Paintball Sports International’s June 1990 issue.

J and J offered an early model (pre 1990) which were conversions of exisiting sheridan lowertubes rebarreled with J and J’s brass. This model is pictured in some ads (below) as the Sheridan Performer conversions.

Eventually J and J produced the valve body/lower tube and back bottle making this an entirely scratch built conversions. The last round of guns featured removable “quick release barrels.” I do not know whether these barrels were threaded or slip fit.

Dale Hilton worked for Joe West of J and J Performance before splitting off and designing his own line of custom brass products, Barrels of America (BOA). Hilton remembers soldering some of these Performers and Sidewinders. Although the ad for the sidewinder shows a standard speed demon bolt most used delrin bolts. When asked about J and J’s Sidewinders, Hilton commented on one distinction between J and J’s guns and competitors, “Joe’s [bolts] were Delrin and the pumps were also delrin.”

performer and sidewinder

J and J Performer (sheridan conversion) ad archived on VintageRex.com

Hilton estimates less than 100 Sheridan based Performers and Sidewinders were made.

This Sidewinder was purchased on mcarterbrown.com in 2010 for $250. Overall it is in beautiful shape. It features the later delrin bolt, delrin pump and J and J’s own back bottle of brass conscruction. The barrel is 16 inches long and does not have internal rifling. It looks to have stock sheridan internals although I haven’t disassembled the lower tube and valve. The body has bb holes for a stock sheridan speed demon bolt just as the pictured J and J performer does.

JJ sidewinder psi article


J and J Sidewinder ad scanned from Paintball Sports Internaltional’s June 1990 issue.

Because of the round pump handle not having anything to guide the pump arm the bolt is easy to twist as the Sidewinder is pumped and possibly field strip as you pump. The Paintball Sports International Article does claim the Sidewinder field strips quickly.

I am not convinced the gun pictured on VintageRex.com’s profile picture is a J and J Sidewinder.  The pictured gun looks more like a Combat Connection’s Enforcer which made a trip to Palmers. 

Big thanks to Dan Dempsey of Underground Sports and Dale Hilton of Barrel of America for their help with information on Joe West and J&J.
Written material and photographs copyright Daniel Bacci baccipaintball.com 2012. Scans copyright original owners (Paintball Sports International). For permission to repost please ask.

sidewinder6sidewinder7 sidewinder8


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