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Foxhunters Brass Sniper 2 Auto Trigger

An auto trigger set up for a Sniper 2 built on a stock WGP Sniper 2 frame by Foxhunters out of Castro Valley in Northern California.  The Brass exterior sleeve is stamped Fox, which made it easy to identify as Foxhunters.

A Foxhunters Autotrigger set up for a Sniper 2. Likely produced from 1990 to 1992.
A Foxhunters Autotrigger set up for a Sniper 2. Likely produced from 1990 to 1992.


Gerry Helwig, or David Bly of Foxhunters, likely produced these auto trigger kits from 1988 to the early 90s.  This particular example is built on a Sniper 2 frame though so it likely dates to 1990 or 1991.  The Sniper 2 Auto Trigger brass piece slips on the at rod coming out of the safety hole so as the distance changes from the point on the pump rod to the trigger’s at rod the brass piece just slides up and down freely.

A much more easily configured design than many of the modifications of the time.  The body may need to be cut for the attachment on the pump rod though?  Eventually I’ll set it up on a pump and see if any other mods are needed on the body.

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