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Florida Terminators Line SI Bushmaster

Here is a Florida Terminators engraved Line Si Busmaster I picked up a couple weeks back. .

Florida Terminators engraved Bushmaster

I’ve seen the Florida Terminators listed as a Line Si Sponsored team in several Line SI ads but I didn’t know they received engraved Bushmasters.  
This blue Bushmaster has the later long style (post 90) snub with the single piece (non lone star) Line SI 45 frame.  The pump is drilled and tapped for a neon/florescent front sight.

Classic Terminators patch

The seller, Rob Turner played on several Atlanta, Georgia based teams in the early 90s including Fire & Ice and competed in several Tennessee indoor championships.

Rob didn’t know the name of the original Florida Terminator player he purchased this Bushmaster from but the barrel is engraved “Tony N” which does offer some clues.

Newer Florida Terminator's patch

These Terminators patches came from ebay several years back.  The seller didn’t know the original owner but had purchased them at an estate sale.

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  1. I am the originator(1883-4) of the south Fla Keys team “Mangrove Liberation Front”. My mother Jeannine Mead Bean did the original art work for the MLF team patch and back bdu silk screen ( all artwork I still have) I am posing in the mangrove seen she shot with 35mm and produced as a single image. The original patch, which I will email to you, had me holding a tube fed modified Sheridan with front co2 to constant 12oz systems we pioneered. After beating the Terminators in a state of Fla circuit game, and our team suffered attrition due to marriages and relocations, myself and Capt.Tad Burke were invited to join the Miami Terminators captained by Pete Bofill. As we won several state championship competitions from and eventually the international in Newburg, NY( Jerry Berg promoter I think)(86-87), I think..Line S.I offered a sponsorship ad well as other companies with gear i.e.JT goggles and paint supppliers . My mom altered the design to show me with the S.I. and although many had converted to constant, (we had pioneered that in our area) we often competed anyone using 12g..usually winning.
    The lower patch was produced by Pete before we joined him, but quickly asked me to change to my mom’s cooler art. Tad and I played as merc’s for them for a bit, wearing one patch on each arm be for going all in.
    In one year we played all over Fla, Pittsburd,Cincinnati, Texas, GeorgiaTennessee and Newburg ..probably leaving some out.
    I was the 3rd buyer of the “International Survival Game franchise and still have the card, as well of much of my old gear ( showing the technology evolutions) as well as Paintball magazines featuring us at the time..and tons of photos…happy to share..if u send an email address I will send shots and comments of that if u like.

  2. This is an old thread I hope someone will see this. I have been looking for Jay Thompson that played on the Florida Terminators team back in the early 90s. I met him once at a tournament in Tennessee either 89 or 90. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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