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Derrick Obatake’s Nelspot 007 Rail Gun

Here is a quick video I took a couple weeks back at Paintball Gateway with Mike Chon and Chris Corcino where we look at Derrick Obatake’s (of the Kamikaze Shooters) Nelspot 007 rail gun.

In my opinion, this is one of the most utilitarian small direct feed pistol I’ve seen. The body is a stock 007, the step down in front being the spot for the muzzle break.  

Features include:
The pump (according to Jack Wada) is an Ohm’s handle with the unique angled cuts that typically are seen as signature Carter Machine work.
•The top rail (made by Earon) is angled down towards the front with Millet sights cut into it.
•The steel body has a feed either braised or welded on.
•The dropout is a Carter Machine/NW style dropout for a standard nelson 007 specification valve (not smaller front OD carter/NW valve)
•Dual pump arm slot.
•Speed wheel which indicates in grip 12 grams were used prior to the drop out.

Besides the smaller outer diameter of the front of the body (for barrel extensions), other signs this is a stock Nelspot body (and not a stainless steel or early Chrome steel body) are:
•Top angled back valve body side screws (rail is cut for them). 
•Sear knockout hole (early 007 bodies came with the sear slot uncut and you would knock the pin out of the sear to disassemble instead of being able to slide the hammer with sear connected out the rear).

This body could have been chromed with other guns done at Carter Machine or with Stan Russell in the late 80s or early 90s but the finish didn’t have the hard chrome look other similarly finished pumps did. It also lacks excessive rust which is rare when combined with the heavy use it likely has seen.

The stick feed’s clamping needneck is the style typical on Mac 1 pumps in 1987 (made by Stan Russell?).

 Above is another video Eric Horne posted of Derrick’s same Nelspot. The close up shot offers a view of the sear knock out slot in the lower tube.

For more information on the pistols of the Kamikaze Shooters check out these two posts on mcarterbrown.com:


Another of my favorite Direct Feed pump pistols is this Circle Duck that Paul built recently.

Thanks to Mike Chon for giving me a closer look at his collection of historical Southern California pumps. Mike runs Paintball Gateway’s LA store which is located in Gardena:

16921 S. Western Ave. #112
Gardena, CA. 90247
(310) 323-9204
And thanks to Chris for brining me to Gateway.
Find Chris / Contract Killer at:


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