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Custom Evolution P Block Bolt and Plastic front Bolt

I recently came across these two bolts on ebay. I have yet to identify either but I have a couple clues and it’s obvious the P Block bolt is based off a Belsales Evolution bolt.

Custom Autococker Bolts top view.
Custom Autococker Bolts top view.

The P Block Bolt has had the knurling cut down in the back and has circular rings cut around the diameter of the back. Both of these bolts use BB retainer screws to hold the bolt pins in. I had thought this bolt might have been cut by Vu Hoang of Desert Fox Paintball and later BBT, but Mark Gong, who knew Vu from Desert Fox and played with him on Team Image didn’t recognize this as one of his. Vu often cut circular rings around items.

Custom autococker bolts, bottom up view.
Custom autococker bolts, bottom up view.

The second bolt uses a plastic front and is pre 2k length. I am not sure what material the front is. I can’t identify the back portion, so I believe it might be a completely scratch built design. Only clue on this bolt comes from Brad Nestle, of PBMax, Barritz and Olympic Paintball. Brad writes on instagram that “One of the original Houston Heat guys in 93 or so made some clear bolts like that one. They were neat but scratched easily so he went back to black delrin.”

Face view of these Autococker bolts.
Face view of these Autococker bolts.

Find Autococker parts on at http://www.baccipaintball.com/parts/semi/autococker.html

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