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A collection of Boa Barrels

A collection of Boa Barrels

Jason McHenry Ott sent me a picture of several Barrels of America (BOA) barrels from his collection.

collection of boa barrels

Top- BOA’s original prototype barrel.  Half Aluminum, half brass and according to Jason the only barrel Dale Hilton made in this style.

Middle- .688 straight bore no porting (likely hard chrome) 

Bottom is a .688 ported (likely nickel plated) 

Jason goes on to write about his teams, Alliance and War Party’s (from North East Ohio) relationship with BOA: 

“…BOA sponsored my team and I also played on Dale’s team [(Mohican Mad Dogs) and] I would help out at the shop sometimes on weekends.”

“[Being sponsored on Alliance] we would get pretty much any option we wanted and made the barrels as we saw fit. Dale was kind of a mad scientist at times and made some goofy combinations. The spiral drilled barrel to me almost looks nickel plated or stainless and the straight bore is most likely hard chrome.”

Jason goes on to describe a tell tale sign of a well used and aged BOA barrel,

“Most of the hard chromed barrels I have seen lately (unless immaculately taken care of) have started to flake in places. I would just list them as hard chrome. It has been so long ago (roughly 20 years) that my memory may be incorrect about the stainless part.” 

Jason has also sent me a few additional pictures which I will be posting today. 

For a ton of other awesome old school pictures checkout the page where members of The Alliance and other players who frequented Indian Springs field, post their old school pictures:

I played paintball at Indian Springs and I miss it. 

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