Home Tech Technical information Clippard 10×32 Banjo screw in a Piranha’s Sheridan Hardline

Clippard 10×32 Banjo screw in a Piranha’s Sheridan Hardline

Clippard 10×32 Banjo screw in a Piranha’s Sheridan Hardline

I’ve always wanted to find a way to get rid of the stock allen screws on the sides of hardlined brass sheridan pumps. Most ex rentals I come across that have been sitting outside for years end up rusted with stripped heads.

Over the years I’ve also seen several posts asking about using Clippard 10×32 banjo screws as replacements but I didn’t think they would work.

But after reading the thread linked below on mcb I decided to give the clippard screws a try.

Clippard Banjo Stud Screws

Without modification the Clippard Banjo screws won’t screw in. The rings  above and below the side hole, are a larger outer diameter than the threads and the inner diameter of the holes on either side of the sheridan hardlines are sized just large enough to allow the 10×32 threads to pass through.

Filing the outer rings off the clippard studs.

By filing down the rings off the sides (above and below the mid air hole) of the Clippard banjo screws the clippard screw will pass through the Sheridan hardlines. 

Banjo Screws

Left is the stock Clippard Banjo screw, center is the filed down clippard banjo screw and right is the stock screw off the Piranha pictured below. The Clippard Banjo Screw is the same length as the Stock Sheridan 10×32 allen banjo screw.

Clippard screw in a PMI SB

After filing down the rings above and below the side air hole, the stock clippard screws will  pass through the hardline hole and screw into the body. I haven’t aired up the piranha but I’ll have to do tomorrow. It looks like this fix should work though.
Edit: Aired this Piranha SB up today and the hardline held air (2014-6-10).

Hardline with clippard screw.

Seems like it should work and it’s flat head and hex so there is no longer a fear of stripping the allen head.
Hope that helps someone!

Find Clippard Banjo Screws here:

New stock Sheridan Allen Banjo screws here:

And used stock Sheridan Allen Banjo screws here:

And Sheridan hardlines and parts here:

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  1. Thanks for posting this Dan! Do you have a source for the other smaller screws (non-banjo) that are at the ends on the aluminum block style hardline?


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