Chuck Link

1987 Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, Bud Orr’s Personal Paintgun

Chuck Link closely examines Bud Orr Sniper 1 #21, a gift he received from Bud in 2016. #21 was one of Bud's personal paintguns and a test marker for WGP.

Chuck Link’s Vintage Tiger Stripe Products and Pursuit Products Camouflage

Chuck Link sent over several photos showing the camouflage that he and the teams he played on wore over the years including Tiger Stripe and Realtree.

Pump Twist Dual and the Winning Game VHS

The Winning Game is a instructional tactic video from 1987. On the cover of the VHS a player is holding a Mac 1 Pump Twist Dual.

MSPA Tournament at Slick Fox Adventure Games c. mid 90s

Footage from WBKO'13's coverage of a Kentucky MSPA tournament form the mid 1990s. Chip Herbert and Tad Taylor are interviewed.

The TN Grim Reapers, Paladin, Music City Hooters and Lightning Strike

Chuck Link explains the history of several Mid Southern Paintball Teams he's been associated with from the late 1980s until 2014.

Music City Hooters’ Night Owls – APG October 1991

Music City Hooters Night Owls' write up scanned from the October 1991 issue of Action Pursuit Games.

Music City Hooters vs Badlands’ Justice old school video

A video of Music City Hooters vs Badlands' Justice and some photos and information on Jack Kirby of the Hooters.

1998 Zap International Masters Fanny Pack

A Zap International Masters Fanny Pack from Lightning Strike Player Chuck Link.

11th Annual Music City Open Shirt (.95?)

Chuck Link Refereed at the 11th Annual Music City Open and hung onto this classic shirt.

10th Annual Lively Music City Open Shirt

A shirt I received from Chuck Link from Jim Lively's Music City open.

Dan Bacci, Paintball’s Historian, on Catshack Reports

Tom at The CatShack Reports messaged me last week asking me about my working documenting paintball's history.

Classic Viewloader ”VL” Shirt

Here a classic Viewloader shirt from a bunch of shirts and memorabilia that Chuck Link of the ''TN Grim Reapers'' and ''Paladin''has been sending me.

Bob ”Flex-Hone” Fowlie’s Spiral Rifled Termite Body

A neat look at a Spiral Rifled Termite body that was given to me by Bob "Flex-Hone" Fowlie of Who are those Guys and BRM.

Classic WGP Sniper 1 patch

A classic Sniper 1 patch from the collection of Chuck Link.

1991 Lively Productions Tournament Handbook

A Lively Tournament handbook from the 1991 Master and Lively series. From the collection of Chuck Link.

National Paintball Supply Terminator Mouse Pad

A Terminator Mouse pad that was offered from National Paintball Supply in the mid 90s.

Front Line shirt from Chuck Link of Paladin / TN Grim Reapers

A classic front line tshirt that Chuck Link sent me.