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10th Annual Lively Music City Open Shirt

lively music city open 10th front

Here is the first of two Music City open shirts I will be posting today and tomorrow.

This shirt is from the 10th annual Music City Open and came from the shirt collection of Chuck Link (who played on the TN Grim Reapers and the Music City Hooters).

lively music city open 10th front logo

Chuck wrote me that he received this shirt when he refereed for Jim Lively and Sam Caldwell. 

lively music city open 10th back

This shirt says 94 (unless the 5 is worn off to look like a 4?). 

But I also saw this picture that Carter Brown posted which said the 3rd annual was in 1988? 


I asked Jim Lively which was the first year of the Music City Open and how long after 95 he ran it. 

Jim replied:

“I think our first [Music City Open] was in the spring of 1986, [and the] last one was 2001. 

It was one of the regional events that lead up to the Masters.]”

I also asked if the Music City Open ever became an NPPL event after 1994 to which Jim replied:

“The [Music City Open] was never a NPPL event.” 

lively music city open 10th back logo

Thanks to Chuck Link and Jim Lively for the help with this short write up. 

More to come in later posts (Chuck was nice enough to send me a TON of shirts and other memorabilia I will be eventually sharing with everyone)…

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