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Carter Machine Milled ABC Autococker

abc paintball carter machine autococker
Here is an ABC Autococker milled by Carter Machine for ABC Paintball in New Jersey. These were likely rentals for ABC. I will be rebuilding this with a single hole cocker frame and white Carter grips.

Also shown is the jacket size ABC patch which came from Fernando Castillo (shop manager at Carter Machine in the early 90s) originally and was given to me by Paul Schreck

ABC also sold Carter cut Sterlings in wild anodized colors and early Buzzards and Comps.

Update, Jerome Glacken, who was associated with ABC Paintball posted the following about the Carter Milled autococker:

“Just some background on the ABC Cockers/Minicockers…I was associated with ABC Paintball at the time these guns were produced and stayed with Earon at his apartment for a period of time in 1995.

These markers were milled/anodized by Carter Machine in early 1995 until early 1996 for ABC Paintball in NJ. They were not rental markers and were sold to the public. Milling styles varied on all guns – from basic milling on your pictured gun – to some really wild, one off stuff done by Fernando Castillo.

I can still hear Earon yelling “Get that sh*t outta my shop” to Fernando – Earon was not a fan of really crazy stuff. Most of the markers had milled matching shrouds, many featuring engraved slabs and plain or engraved grips by a company I believe was called Full [Blown]. The guys from Full [Blown] were local to Earon’s shop and he was known to use their stuff on his markers at the time. The more exotic markers had Jimbo custom grips. Some had the “ABC” design milled into the body, however the majority of them did not. Markers were anodized either single colors (black, turquoise, green, red, blue) or splash (red/white, purple/white, black/white (or cow camo as Fernando and I used to call it), camo, blue/silver/black, red/silver/black). Some markers had stock internals, but others were customized by Danny Love of Bad Boyz Toyz/Aftershock fame. All markers had matching anodized 20 oz CO2 cylinders.

As mentioned, Earon also did a lot of custom Sterlings, Buzzards, Comps, Montneel Icon-Z’s and Tippmann Pro-Lites for ABC as well.

BTW…if anyone knows how I can get in touch with Fernando Castillo from Carter Machine, please get in touch with me. I would love to touch base with him again!”

Find this post on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=334797816614200

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  1. You really think these were rentals? I would think they were too pretty and too expensive for the time..? I always thought they were more of an advertisement for custom work.

    Here is a thread with my red one. have ever user. Mine has a matching 20 oz tank too, heh 🙂

    Did yours come with the original anodized matched bolt? It is a shame yours didn’t have the trigger frame. The best Slider I ever used.


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