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Carter Machine Breech Hole Cut?

Photo showing the the left side vent hole cut under breech on the Carterized Youngblood Ironmen autococker.

Carter Machine Breech Hole Cut on the 1994 Youngblood Ironmen Autococker.
Carter Machine Breech Hole Cut on the 1994 Youngblood Ironmen Autococker.

As far as i can tell these vent holes appeared on the higher end custom jobs from carter machine from 94-96?

A few of the responses on facebook indicated this hole was for tighter timing.

Bill Ward, of the California Bushmasters and Hostile Takeover comments:
“Blowback mod so the gun could be timed extremely close to chopping and increase rate of fire.”

Sonny Phommarine claims it was used for adding backspin:
“I’ve seen something like this before and I was told that this was ” SUPPOSE TO ” put a back spin on the ball making it go farther…I am guess it didnt really work. Lol”

And William Kapes recalls it was used for venting some air to make timing quicker:
“I’ve seen the dual hole bolts and more subtle variations on them in use before. I believe that hole was for venting so you could time the gun more tightly. This is before any force feed hoppers remember.”

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