Brad Nestle

Paintball History at Decay of Nations 2018

This video shows our paintball history display at the Decay of Nations event at SC Village for 2018.

Custom Evolution P Block Bolt and Plastic front Bolt

This video and article looks at two custom autococker bolts. The first is a cut up P Block evolution bolt and the second is a custom clear plastic pre 2k.

Unknown P-Block Reverse Minicocker

A mysterious P Blocked Reverse Minicocker I bought a while back. It wasn't made by Brad Nestle and I don't know who cut it.

Shooting the 2k PbMax Stock Class Sniper 2

A video shooting a 12 gram through a stock class Sniper 2 with a neat body cut by Brad Nestle at Pbmax. Efficiency isn't very good.

45 Elite Expansion Chamber Grip / Euro Frame for Mags, Cockers, VM68s

Recent information has lead to a better understanding of the history behind Pressure Point, Inc.'s 45 Elite frames for Automag, Autococker and VM68s.

Introduction of the Pneumatic Assist SHO c.1995

Brad Nestle explains the history of his Pneumatic Assist Super Snipers / SHOs from 1994 until 2006.

PBMax – Brad Nestle Stock Class Sniper 2

PbMax Stock Class Sniper 2 with classic WGP slider stock. Several years back I was setting it up for 12 grams and a 62 cal barrel kit but gave up.

A messed up SHO/Reverse Minicocker and a Sniper 3

A project and a loaner. Likely a beat up Brad Nestle PBMax SHO or Reverse body and one of my loaner Sniper 3s.

Have you experienced a Worrgasm lately? T Shirt c.~1993?

Tony Meno, of Pacific Paintball, sent in photo of a shirt that Brad Nestle, of Barritz Paintbal, designed which read, have you experienced Worrgasm lately?

Super High Output Sniper video

Sonny shows off how quick he can fire off a string from this Super High Output Sniper Pump.

Sonny’s SHO Sniper

Sonny Phommarine showed Alex and I this SHO Sniper.

Dale Hilton’s Barrels of America Cocker

A super custom Autococker created by Brad Nestle for Dale Hilton of Barrels of America.

Autocockers vs Automags at SC Village tomorrow

Cockers and Mags for tomorrows game at SC Village: