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Bad Company engraved Line SI Bushmaster project

Here is a Line Si Bushmaster Pump I put together from parts.  The unique pieces on this Bushmaster include:

Bad Company Line SI Bushmaster
Line SI Bushmaster assembled from parts.

•A Line Si Sliding Stock. This stock came from Peter Salgado in a batch of parts I purchased from him back in 2010.
•45 frame

Serial number on a line si bushmaster body
Serial number on this Line SI Bushmaster body.

•A serialized Line SI Bushmaster body.  I’m still not sure what the story on these Bushmaster were but the number on this Bushmaster is 200008.
•A Bad Company pump handle.  Bad Company, from the UK, was a Line SI Sponsored team and that is likely where this Pump handle came from.  I don’t remember where I got it though.

A Smart Parts drilled barrel
A Line SI compatible Smart Parts drilled barrel.

•Smart parts rifled barrel.

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  1. Hi.i no this is a long shot but I played for bad company uk 25 years ago. I was wondering if you still have the line si bushmaster and would consider selling it. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I do have this Bushmaster with the Bad Company pump handle but I don’t plan on selling it. It is part of my collection. There are a group of Bad Company members that post on facebook (not sure if you are already part of that group). If you’d like I can email a link.


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