WGP 1999 Mini STO Autococker with a P Block

A look at a 1999 Mini STO Minicocker with a red to black splash and P block. This Autococker was purchased from a local seller and has STO pneumatics.

OTP Autococker Bolts compared

A look at several OTP Autococker bolts, and info on how to adapt them to different models.

Taso Autococker Advertisement – January 1995

Dissection of a TASO ad featuring one of the Taso Signature Series Autocockers and other period accessories from 1994 to early 1995.

Shooting the B&M Internal Cocking Autococker

A quick video shooting the Internal Cocking Autococker made by Brahim Estephan in the early 90s.

Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker c.1996?

Back in 2012 I traded for this vertical feed Ironmen body, empty, from Paul "lucky duck" Schreck. Paul has known...

OTP and Circle Autococker thread barrels

A neat Circle Autococker barrel next to an OTP barrel. Both barrels were made by OTP.

Brahim “Brian” Estephan’s 1996 Ironmen Jt Jersey

Paul Schreck showed me this jersey that Brahim Estephan wore in the 1996 ESPN World Championships.

B and M Pro Shop Business Card

A business card for Brahim 'Brian/Bro' Estephan and Moose's shop, B and M. Run out of Glendora and then Azuza in Southern California.

Dealers of Death patch, B&M’s factory team (c. 1993-1995?)

Dealers of Death were, according to Stephen Blair of the Bushwackers, "a very short lived team based out of...

A Benchmark Autococker 45 Frame Engraved for OTP

An Autococker 45 frame, made by Benchmark, that has been engraved on the back strap for OTP.

A Bizarre Electronic Framed Autococker with an engraved reg

Losing sucks, engraved on the unireg stainless Air America Regulator, likely means this Autococker was owned by a customer of B and M.

Brahim Estephan’s Plaque from The 95 Camp Masters

Brahim Estephan's plaque from the Camp Masters in 1995. With some additional info from Thomas Seligman.

B&M Losing Sucks CO2 Tank

Edward Leu, of Team Hooptie, sent photos of a 20oz co2 tank that was mask anodized with "Losing Suck," one of B&M's slogans.

Classic OTP Stainless barrels and a carter splash barrel

Three classic barrels, two OTP stainless barrels and a carter splash aluminum.

Brahim Estephan’s 94 Ironmen Autococker

Brahim Estephan 94/95 Nickel played cocker. This style nickel plated cocker was given to the Ironmen in 1994 but Brahim's dates a little later.

B&M / OTP Micro Mini Autococker Shooting video

B&M Micro Mini Autococker
Just finished this video on the OTP / B&M Micro Mini Cocker. I recorded this back in early August but just edited it last night.

Brahim Estephan’s Micro Mini Autococker c. 1991/1992

A photo of Brahim Estephen's, of B&M and OTP, tiny Autococker he created as a pitch to Bud Orr at WGP.

Youngblood’s 1994 Ironmen Autococker

One of the 1994 Nickel Plated Autocockers awarded to the Ironmen, this was Dave Youngblood's gun and I just rebuilt it.