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B&M Losing Sucks CO2 Tank

Edward Leu, of Team Hooptie (makers of the Hooptie Pump Kit), sent me pictures of this B&M anodized 20 oz tank earlier this year (2013).

B&M Losing Suck - Anodized Co2 tank.  Photo courtesy of Edward Leu.
B&M Losing Suck – Anodized Co2 tank. Photo courtesy of Edward Leu.

Edward wrote me:
“At a younger age, my friends and I probably purchased more than a dozen paintball markers from B&M. It was a fun store.”

B&M stood for Brian (Brahim) Estephan and Moose (Mousse).
Does anyone know Moose’s last name?

Paul Schreck and I visited Brahim a few months back (or was it last year) and talked to him about some of his old Ironmen memories.

Back side of 20oz co2 tank is mask anodized with "Losing Sucks."
Back side of 20oz co2 tank is mask anodized with “Losing Sucks.” Photo courtesy of Edward Leu.

Here is a post by Gilly about B&M on mcb:

In response to David “river031403” Tapia’s questions on what happened to B&M, Gilbert “Gilly” Martinez writes:

“No, Brahim [Estephan] is no longer in the Industry.
He started that business with his cousin Mousse (Brian and Moose= B&M).
His younger brother was Danny.
Brahim now has his own successful kitchen remodeling company that services the ever expanding Inland Empire in Southern California.”

Gilly goes on to write:
“Little known fact= The Arenas at SCVillage, Brian drew up the plans/designs for these now world famous spectator friendly war pits. He even supervised the laying of cement for these.
His concept was to have the viewing aisles all tiered and connected so spectators could see several at the same time. He accomplished that.”

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  1. Gilly is exactly correct. Brahim spent a lot of time with Giovanni at SC Village as Gio was always about the crowd. The first field was actually a Hyperball field with the big black ribbed tunes. The Ironman held a few practices there and those games were exceptional to watch as it was one of the first times you can SEE all the action up close without being on the field.


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