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Andy ”Ynda” DuBuc on the history of the PVI, SP, Cyber 9K and the Shocker

Good video on some history of the various Shocker models from the PVI Shocker to some of the newer models made by Smart Parts.

Video is by Andy ”Ynda” DuBuc of www.zdspb.com (who is very helpful and a great source of reliable information).
Andy also shows his Cyber 9K in the video.

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A KAPP Pre Razorback Autococker

A neat Kapp Autococker similar to a Razorback I found on craigslist.

Paintball Tek shoots a Kapp Razorback Autococker

Tim @ Paintball Tek dot come shoots a KAPP Razorback Autococker in his back year. The Splash on this Razorback is just amazing and it shoots great as well.

A Minicocker similar to early BBT SFLs

Here is a tiny Minicocker I found that has some similarities to an early gen SFL autocockers. Really bad shape but neat round cuts.

The Pump Twist Dual, by Mac 1

One of Mac 1's earliest paintball projects, the Pump Twist Dual, was a Sheridan rifle with a couple unusual modifications, dual 12 grams and a rotated body.

Possible Custom Jeff Orr Minicocker c.1995-96

A look at what I believe is a custom Jeff Orr Minicocker that was likely machine in the mid 1990s and then re built with updated components around 2000.