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Alien Revelation Prototype Breech / Feed blocks

A continuation on the Alien Revelation paintball gun breech post from a few days back.
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Here are three Alien Revelation Breech / Trap Door assemblies. These came from Sergey Levkov at Technical Trouble Shooting / Lapco. Sergey doesn’t remember doing any modifications on these and received them as seen.

Three trap door / feed block assemblies from the Alien Revelation.
Three trap door / feed block assemblies from the Alien Revelation.

1. Right side uses a pivoting arm assembly as seen in the video linked below by Lane Baird.

And here is a technical drawing that was posted by PBnation moderator, rluna, in August 2013 that shows the breakdown of the breech assembly pictured on the right. This breech is missing the internal pieces unfortunately.

Breech / Feed block from Alien Revelation Breakdown.
Breech / Feed block from Alien Revelation Breakdown.

Find the thread on pbnation at:

In the thread linked above, Alien gun designer / manufacturer, Jack Rice explains that when the Revelation went from prototype to production a bad cut made the paintgun unfit for use.
Rice writes, “[in the photo above] you can see a curved piece that the door rides on. That was the thing we added to cut down on the aluminum door wearing on the aluminum head. Small change – but we cut the groove for the ball wrong and the ball didn’t clear. Really bad decision because that gun shoot for a whole season very well. We made the whole first run of guns, but couldn’t fix the bad door, so the guns could[n’t] be shot well enough to really play with them let alone sell them.”

In that explanation, Rice says, “we cut the groove for the ball wrong and the ball didn’t clear.” I don’t know if he means the ball doesn’t cleanly fall into the breech after the door opens?
Regardless, it explains these attempts at a redesign, which seem to be overkill if the original design did work, prior to the bad cut?

2. Center modified Revelation assembly that has had the pivoting one piece (?) arm/door replaced with Ice Epic style sliding Trap door.
This breech was pictured in the video I posted a few days back and embedded below:

3. Left side raw assembly with Alien head cover that matches right side feed block / breech. This assembly utilizes the perpendicular sliding door instead of the arm and is scratch built and not modified from an existing block.

I do not know the order these were produced, but I would imagine that the anodized breeches that matches the technical drawings in form and function predate the raw breech, so right side is original, center is a modified test breech, and left is a scratch built breech to utilize the sliding door instead of the arm.

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