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Adam Gardner, GWS Reno 1993 and the Smart Remote…

On Tuesday I posted a photo of a Smart Remote that came with a Smart Mag and some gear. The remote has “All Americans Adam G” cut into the bottom.

Adam Gardner Smart Remote All Americans
And below is a still from the 1994 Reno NV Great Western Series (Aloha Video Productions) where Adam Gardner is caught “possibly” wiping a hit to the arm.

Reno 1993 GWS Adam Gardner still

Is the pictured Smart Remote system Adam Gardner used at the Great Western Series Reno 1993 event the same as the Smart Remote I received?

The previous owner, Jeffrey Morgovich wasn’t sure of the origins of the remote. He had this to say:

“I emailed an old paintball friend to see if he remembers anything about it. From what I remember I bought the gun, regulator, and remote around 1997 from Steve Smolinsky. It was his setup that he was selling so he could switch to the Smartparts Shocker. He worked at the Eye of the Tiger paintball store in PA, and at a field that I can’t remember the name of. He played on some teams in the Pittsburgh area, but I don’t think he had any connection to the All Americans. I’ll let you know if my friend remembers anything else. It was a long time ago :)”

The mag that came along with the remote is newer and not the automag pictured in the Great Western Reno video.

Still courtesy Dale Price’s recently uploaded youtube highlight reel from Reno (with the clip queued to the “moment of impact”):

More videos from Dale “Sugarstump” Price at:

And here is an interesting reflection on the Reno incident from Steve Davidson, (NPPL League Coordinator at the time) on his 68Caliber blog:

Davidson writes, “Close examination of the video does NOT reveal whether the ball hit a branch or a shoulder.  It also does not contain one incontrovertible piece of evidence proving a wipe of a hit.
I know what it looks like (I watched that damn thing for hours) and I also know what it looks like slowed down and blown up, frame by frame and even field by field.  You can certainly take away the belief that cheating occurred, but all you have is circumstantial evidence.  We know what it looks like, but nothing can be proven.”

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