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“Turning Back the Clock” to limited paint and mech/pump

First Paintball game
Photo Courtesy Bob Gurnsey and Tina Ruzzo and Catshack reports

Inspired by the Bob Gurnsey’s (NSG) Splatmaster promotional video Tina GoldenGirl Ruzzo, decided to recreate a game for today’s paintballers based around the same concept.

 Tina writes:

“Now I will be turning back the clock and giving this very same concept to you! A game, yes a good old fashion Capture the Flag game! No jerseys, no fancy pants, limited ammo, wearing camo and most importantly Mechanical Marker/ Pump ONLY, This means “No Batteries!” This game forces one to use these type of skills, stealth, communication, planning and strategy!”

I want players to get down and dirty, back to the roots of Paintball! Mr. Bob Gurnsey will be in attendance and most likely jumping with excitement while watching us bring history back home! So grab your Markers throw on some rugged clothing and let’s get dirty!"

These are the games I love to see happening and as more paintballers experience this limited style/classic game for the first time I think they will also be inspired to play with more limited paint, to play pump/mech and to encourage movement on the field.

Tina’s game is happening at Battlefield Orlando Paintball in Orlando, Florida on March 10th 2013 and is limited to 40 players (20 on each side) so pre reistration is recommended.

For more information visit:

Or contact Tina GoldenGirl Ruzzo at tinaruzzo@yahoo.com

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