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SplatMaster Pistols Promo Tape (c. 1989) by NSG with added credits

I purchased this as a VHS probably 8 years back and imported it from VHS about 5 years ago. Finally getting around to uploading it.

NSG Patch. Click to see patch inventory on site.

It’s a great video and yes if you haven’t played a game with all SplatMaster or all Rapides this is everything you have been missing.

Original Splatmaster VHS this video was imported from.

Bob Gurnsey confirmed this video is from 1989. Bob wrote me:
"Yes it was the early summer of 1989. Shortly after that Hot looking Splatmaster GTP car was racing at the MIAMI Grand Prix."

SplatMaster pistol. View out splatmaster parts inventory here.

Uploaded with the permission of Bob Gurnsey.
For an excellent interview with Bob Gurnsey checkout Tomcat’s, from the Catshack, interview with Paintball’s creator:

Find information on the Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Awards at:

For information on limited 1 of 60 unfired SplatMasters contact paintballcreator@yahoo.comm

These Splatmasters are also being raffled off. For information visit:

Thanks to Bob Gurnsey for giving me permission to post this!

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