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Sonny’s So Cal Stick Feed game – August 31, 2013 at SC Village

Sonny’s So Cal Stick Feed game is coming up this weekend, on Saturday August 31st.
Should be close to 50 in attendance for this game which I think should make it largest group we’ve had in the last few months for stock class/stick feed games.

Phil Sanchez playing Stock at Jungle Island.
Phil Sanchez playing Stock at Jungle Island.

Above is a photo of Phil Sanchez at the So Cal Stock July game last month, which took place at Jungle Island.

The August 31st game will be the first of these games we’ve had at SC Village. The others have been at Jungle Island and Hollywood Sports Park.

Main rules for this game are stick feeds / horizontal feeds.

Checkout the thread on mcb for more information:

This is a pre registration required game which is a bold move on Sonny’s part but it definitely means if you want to get in on the action you need to be committed to show!

If you are hoping to make it but aren’t on the list then then message me here, or message me on mcb.

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