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Shooting the Redux Stock Class Pistol

Sometime in 2009 or 2010 Alex Vu traded me his Redux Pistol that he purchased new from Steve “Mongo” Brett.  
Brett, captain of both Ralph’s Kill Boys and The California Bushmaster, a player on Navarone and, I believe, a friend of Dave Loo (creator of the original DD-68), has so far made under 100 of these pistols.

Ralph's Kill Boys patch
A Ralph’s Kill Boys patch that Steve “Mongo” Brett gave me.

The Redux first appeared probably 10 years back and was released publicly around 2007.  Brett designed this pistol as a more usable DD-68 with features such as a removable barrel that takes freak inserts, modified phantom internals, phantom 12 gram piercer and more.  

Left Side of Redux
Left Side of Redux

Since then Mongo has also released extended barrels for the Redux and Duck slide kits to convert phantoms to a similar setup. 

In the last couple years Steve has slowly been releasing an updated version of his pistol, named the VKC Duck, after the VKC corp which is, I believe, the machine shop that builds the Redux. The VKC Duck uses straight phantom internals,  an aluminum snub and the feed tube screws onto the side of the body, rather than being separated with an adapter plate (as the model show uses).

Right side of Redux.
Right side of Redux.

Since I started using my Redux, it’s been my stock class paintgun of choice, although I do occasionally use my Palmer’s Super Stocker and Carter Buzzard.

Find Mongo’s webpage for the Redux and Duckslide at:

Aside from the Redux, my Vents goggles (with No Quarter Patch on the strap), and funky construction belt harness,  I’m also wearing a dirty old vest covered in patches.  

Ron Kilbourne's Bushwacker Vest - front
Front of Ron Kilbourne’s Bushwacker Vest

This Tiger Stripe Camouflage vest originally belong to Ron Kilbourne of the Bushwackers. Southern California Paintballer, Paul Yun received the vest along with a batch several other jerseys and patches from Kilbourne. I purchased the large lot of patches from Paul and asked how much he was looking to get for this vest but I think the amount at the time was more than I could spend so I had to pass.

Ron Kilbourne's Bushwacker Vest - back
Back of Ron Kilbourne’s Bushwacker Vest

When the box of patches arrived, I opened the package and was shocked to find the vest shoved in! 

Ron Kilbourne with this vest on
Ron Kilbourne in Paintball Magazine with pictured Vest. Scanned from the July 199_ issue of Paintball magazine. (I can’t find my notes on the year so I’ll fill this in once I’ve check the magazines).

Above is a scan from Paintball Magazine July, 199_ (I can’t figure out which year I scanned this from!) showing Ron Kilbourne wearing the vest and shooting a JT USA Line SI Bushmaster.

enlarge crop of JT USA Bushmaster
Crop of JT USA Bushmaster from that photo spread of Ron Kilbourne in Paintball Magazine with pictured Vest. Scanned from the July 199_ issue of Paintball magazine.

Closer crop of Kilbourne’s engraved JT USA Line SI Bushmaster. Watch Gilbert “Gillymonster” Martinez explain his JT USA Bushmaster in this video below:

Thanks to videographer Nicki Bacci for her help, Alex Vu for the Redux and Paul Yun for the Wardrobe!

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