Pioneering The Sport of Paintball…The History of PMI

Jeff Perlmutter, Co-Founder & President of Pursuit Marketing, Inc. on pioneering the Sport of Paintball in the 1980s and the History of PMI.

Short Barreled Tidy Bowl from Ted “Two Guns” Hines

The Tidy Bowl is a Sheridan pump paintball pistol built by South Bay Arms. This example came from Ted "Two Guns" Hines, of Team Ronin Hawaii.

Cooper T Undershot Sheridan KP2 Bolt

Chauncy Toombs at Cooper T produced a variety of backspin bolts for various markers and this example fits the Sheridan KP2 rifle. These act similar to the flatline barrel.

General Joe’s Rimfire to Centerfire PGP Bolt – Late 1980s

Known as the Sheridan PGP Rimfire to Centerfire conversion bolt, this design uses a sled to allow the bolt to move further forward in the breech.

PMI 3 with serial in the 500s

A look at a PMI 3 paintball gun that has the matching feed block, side plates and trigger guard. This paintgun is likely from 1990.

KC No Hot Shots Paintball Regulator and Southport Reg Disassembly Videos

I recorded this video a while back showing the disassembly and reassembly of a Southern Pneumatics Southport / KC...

Sheridan KP2 Trigger Group with safety overview

The trigger group that Sheridan created for the PMI line of paintball rifles is slightly different than the Blue Steak rifles and fits the KP2, K1 and K2.

Removing a Stuck 12 Grams from Sheridan Pump Markers

Here is a quick video that covers removing stuck 12 grams from Sheridan paintball marker lower tubes.

Rebuilding KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan and Southport Regs

A look at a few Sheridan KC No Hot Shots, Sheridan RG-1 and Southern Pneumatic Southport Regulators broken down and what orings are used for the rebuild.

PPS J Slot Quicksilver on a DF converted PMI 1

An early direct feed converted PMI 1 with the Palmer Quicksilver 12 gram changer. One of the first Glenn made, this pump uses a J cut instead of a drop out.

Punisher Custom’s PGP Nano Cocker Semi Auto

A fancy semi automatic Punisher Customs Nano Cocker, built off a Sheridan PGP and customized with a Dye swing frame, pnumatics and custom barrel.

Stanley Russell’s Master Blaster Elevator Gun c. 1985

This was the 1st Master Blaster pistol manufactured by Stanley Russell and Earon Carter off of Crosman Mark 1 Pellet Pistols provided by Tim at Mac 1.

Sheridan Dual 12 Gram Piercer Prototype

A dual 12 gram piercing assembly that came from Tim at Mac 1 Airguns. This piece screws into the lower tube and allows two 12 grams to be used.

Sheridan Pump paintgun Valves by Palmer’s and AGD

A video looking at a mix of Sheridan pump paintball marker valves including a stock valve, a PMI Turbo Valve, and two Palmer's valves.

Shooting a Paintball Lever Action Rifle – Sheridan Based KL

A video from 2014 showing the KL-20 Lever action rifle being shot. This rifle was built by Jake and Bret at G&H Customs.

Pursuit Marketing, Inc. Ad for c. 1986 Sheridan pumps Front Line

A look at the 1986 Sheridan pumps that were being offered by Pursuit Marketing, Inc. from an advertisement printed in the April 1986 issue of Front Line.

Tosh’s Palmerized Stroker Stan-nihilator

The third article and video with Tosh Tanaka, on his Palmerized Stroker Annihilator, or as Tosh refers to it as, his Stoked Stan-nihilator.

The Lords of Discipline Brief History and Copeland’s PMI Long Barrel

A brief history on the Lords of Discipline with information from Glenn Pennsinger of Hole in the Wall Paintball and Guns of Paradise.

Dan DeBone explains a Prototype Elite Weapon’s Battle Pump handle

Dan Debone explains an early prototype Elite Weapon's Sheridan Battle Pump handle that belonged to a fellow Dogs of War player.

Tim McMurray’s Short Barrel Master Blaster / Elevator Gun

Tim McMurray's short barrel Master Blaster barrel assembly, which he found last week when cleaning his shop in Gardena California.