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Price breakdown for Bob Fowlie’s 1990 Sniper 2 and Tricar

When I met with Bob “Flex-Hone” Fowlie of Brush Research Manufacturing last year he pulled out various patches and paper work that I photographed along with a few of his classic paintball markers.

A price breakdown that Bob Fowlie wrote up explaining the costs and modifications of his paintguns.
A price breakdown that Bob Fowlie wrote up explaining the costs and modifications of his paintguns.

Here is a price breakdown for two of the classic paintguns Bob shows off in his interview video (linked below), his early WGP Sniper 2 which he eventually converted into an Autococker and his beautiful custom gray TriCar.

I think Bob made this sheet to calculate trade values for the Flex Hone sent to Carter Machine and Worr Game Products or maybe just to keep track what he had in each setup? Either way it’s always fun to look back on the prices classic paintball markers sold retail for and to see what a state of the art setup would run.

I would guess this list was written in 90? The Sniper 2 first appear as a bullet point on the cover of the November 89 Action Pursuit Games and the TriCar appeared on the April 1991 APG cover. APG covers usually run several months behind so 1990 would be a good bet.

Here is Bob Fowlie’s main interview video on the Flex-Hone/BRM, Those Guys and early So Cal Paintball:

And on his early hopper prototype, the Mexican Gatling Gun:

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